Wednesday, 10 December 2008

1st Year

A few bits and bobs from my first year at art school. Goodness me that feels like a long time ago. I'm really putting these up so i can see if there is much change over the years but i thought it would be interesting for you to look at too.  They go from term one at the bottom to term three at the top. 

my first piece of real art.

It was my 21st birthday this year and my brother and sister gave me some money to get what ever i wanted. I was shopping with my mummy at home and went to my favourite little gallery and found the most beautiful and perfect Birthday present. 

The piece is by a South African artist named John Bauer and is called ' I have never stopped hoping' The inscription is a short prose about the loss of his mother and grand mother in a hit and run accident and how he thinks about them phoning him to tell him they are actually alive and coming home. Having lost my father last year this piece touched me like none of his other pieces and i had to own it. 

I was told by Denise the owner of The Castle Gallery that this piece was one of Bauer's favourites and it meant a lot to him which makes it even more meaningful. 

I love this piece and will cherish it for the rest of my life. 

First 3rd year feed back.

So... it kinds feels like 1st term has come to an end already. Why? might you ask... well i got my first feed back of the year so i feel like we're done. SCARY STUFF! well not really! I had such an amazing first crit that i kinda new what was coming. My grade for the term was a C1!! Woo Hoo! This might sound rubbish but the highest grade out of our year was a B2 so I'm well chuffed! (massive grin) BUT this has just made me so determined to get a B next term its unreal. i will scan in my feed back sheet and let you see soon. :)

derogatory or nice

A few photos from our first flat exhibition. I think it went really well. I had so much fun and it was nice to have a night with a different feel to it. THANK YOU to every one who came and all the artist's who got involved. Fingers crossed we do an other one soon!!

Saturday, 6 December 2008

flat exhibition 3

SOOOOO bloody excited! We're just sorting out the flat for the exhibition tonight! CANNOT WAIT!!!

If your in Glasgow tonight at 8 o'clock come on over to Derogatory or Nice at my flat! Its going to be a good night!! :)  phone me if you know my number;) or E-mail me if your really want to come but don't know where i live! 

Tuesday, 2 December 2008


I left secondary school in 2005. Seem too long ago. I had decided i wanted to go to art school when i was about 5 so i knew what i had to do. I enrolled on a portfolio course! The course was a full time residentual course in Ullapool on the west coast of Scotland. The tutor who ran the course was named Eleanor White and she owns Bridge House Arts which holds the portfolio course. I am not just saying this I think Eleanor's course is the best thing that ever happened to me. It was so much fun. I met some wonderful people and we held our very own exhibition at the end. AMAZING!!!

Here are a few piece from the exhibition and my portfolio. 

Monday, 1 December 2008

2nd year

Here are a few pieces from my second year of art school.

flat exhibition 2

flat exhibition

my beautiful flatmates and I are holding an exhibition night at our massive flat. 
It will be on December the 6th. I am soooo excited about it mainly because we'v done it all off our own backs. There should be a bar if not bring your owns bottle! GO see the page....

Recent work.

Work from third year.

heart shaped 1

i never know what to write on things like this....

i want this to be a site that i can put my work on  to get some feed back.

it'l probably end up being some where i rant.