Tuesday, 26 May 2009

new half years resolution.

I can't remember if i made any new years resolutions in january but if i did i REALY didn't try to keep to them at all. SO... i am making one that will begin on the 1st of june. I am going to practice guitar properly again! I have been listening to a lot of new music recently and it has inspired me to get practicing again. Once when i was younger i was kinda good and i want to be good again.

This is my guitar. She isn't my favourite guitar i own. My favourite guitar is at home being kept safe from student life but once i move into my new flat i'm going to bring her down to Glasgow and play her again. I'm actually really excited about this. Lets just hope i can remember what to do!

Monday, 25 May 2009

artist i'm loving right now.

I have been a fan of Joetta Maue's blog, Little Yellow Bird for a while now but silly old be only discovered her website last week.

I discovered her when i started using embroidery hoops in my own work. Which is kinda odd but i live it when you find artist's using similar media.


i just found this picture on this blog and it has made me crave those oily hand made donuts our baker at home sells. I don't realy like sweet things but they are GOOD!

Sunday, 24 May 2009


So my third year at the Glasgow school of Art has come to and end. Now all i ave to do is get my final year gread back! Actually quite excited about this as i feel my work has taken a great leap in the right direction. Here are a few bits and bobs from my assessment.

I have to admit i'm very glad this year is over. It felt like a bit of a struggle at the end but i am so excited abut my final year at art school beginning. Lets just hope the summer is nice and doesn't drag on too much!

Thursday, 14 May 2009

plan of action

ok... another list. This time it's a TO DO list of things i need to get done over my summer holidays. I need to keep to this one. I have such a busy year ahead.

1. Move flat
2. Join gym
3. Prepare for dissertation
4. Start playing guitar again
5. carry on studio work at home
6. try and draw more. (portraits etc...)
7. paint mural in Inverness
8. investigate post grad stuff. (SCARY)
9. prepare ideas for 4th year studio practice
10. AVE FUN WITH FRIENDS (its not going to happen much in 4th yr)

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

spring time

Glasgow has bloomed. Its beautiful. went for a walk in Kelvin grove park and the blossom was so stunning.


So once agan i got moved to a different studio space. But i couldn't be happier. It HUGE! a bit messy because i have been working like a trooper but i love it and wish i could keep it for my final year.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

crazy stuff

Ok so i have made a sensible list. Now i am going to make a list of all the crazy things i want to do before i die.

1. learn to fire dance
2. learn to fire breath
3. swim with whales/dolphins
4. sky dive
5. run a marathon
6. go sphere-ing
7. shoot a gun
8. travel the world (this should be on both lists)

Ok i used to have a list the length of my arm for this one but i can't remember half of them.

Again... i will change this and add to it over time.

This is fun!

Growing up!

I am moving flat soon for a wee change of scenery and i am having to do a very grown up thing and buy my first bed. I have decided that i am going to make a list of all the grown up things i am excited about doing/buying and see how many i have done/purchased when i turn 30. (in 8 years) I'm going to need a big list but i think i might do this in sections. It takes a lot of thinking.

1. buy a bed
2. redecorate my home
3. change my nephew's nappy (he's one and i've got out of it so far.)
4. rent a one bedroom apartment
5. buy a book shelf
6. fill book shelf
7. read books in book shelf
8. buy a crockery set
9. learn to sew/knit/embroider
10. learn to drive.
11. baby sit
12. buy a car
13. buy a good pair of boots that WILL last the winter
14. tell some one a am in love with them.
15. sell a painting.
16. have a solo exhibition.
17. go on a holiday with just my mummy
18. think about babies.
19. have a meaningful chat with my big brother
20. graduate

So these are not in any order and some of them are very random but its nice to think about these things.

i should probably add
21. decided what i'm doing after i leave university.