Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Growing up!

I am moving flat soon for a wee change of scenery and i am having to do a very grown up thing and buy my first bed. I have decided that i am going to make a list of all the grown up things i am excited about doing/buying and see how many i have done/purchased when i turn 30. (in 8 years) I'm going to need a big list but i think i might do this in sections. It takes a lot of thinking.

1. buy a bed
2. redecorate my home
3. change my nephew's nappy (he's one and i've got out of it so far.)
4. rent a one bedroom apartment
5. buy a book shelf
6. fill book shelf
7. read books in book shelf
8. buy a crockery set
9. learn to sew/knit/embroider
10. learn to drive.
11. baby sit
12. buy a car
13. buy a good pair of boots that WILL last the winter
14. tell some one a am in love with them.
15. sell a painting.
16. have a solo exhibition.
17. go on a holiday with just my mummy
18. think about babies.
19. have a meaningful chat with my big brother
20. graduate

So these are not in any order and some of them are very random but its nice to think about these things.

i should probably add
21. decided what i'm doing after i leave university.

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