Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Current work

When trying to describe my work out loud I become rather tongue-tied. The words become too literal and confused and what I feel never come out. All I know for definite is WHERE my work has come from. A child hood of playing dress up. A house-proud mother and a sister always keen to play salon. I have had a very strong female influence on my life and I think simply this is where my work stems from.

I am saddened by the negative stereotypes that go along with femininity and feel that as a woman I should be proud of this aspect of my life. I feel my work reflects this but also may poke fun at it at the same time. Femininity is some thing to be enjoyed, played with and loved but never to be taken too seriously. The piece before you is a combination of all the influences on my femininity, from my upbringing to popular culture.

Although this work has developed from a very personal place I feel as though the viewer will be able to connect with the items I have used. The ability to recognise these items make the work open to many readings and responses.

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