Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Tuesday 8th of February 2011

So far new years resolutions aren't going so well. I have not had a drop of alcohol for almost 2 weeks now and I feel good for that. Since November i have lost almost a stone but i don't really know why, probably from cutting back on the booze and that has made me feel really good too. Haven't saved any money for my travels yet but when i get a new job that will start. Fingers crossed.

And now to the two resolutions i really wanted to keep. 1 Being more creative and 2 Playing guitar again. I just seem to have lost any urge to do anything creative. I used to constantly have ideas and want to make and now even listening to music annoys me. I want my old self back. When creativity and music and fun would make me so happy. I would be gagging to go out and stay out all night and now i'm usually home before 2. Hmmmm! What has gone wrong? What has changed?

I think living in Glasgow hasn't helped! This is the place i came to get away from Inverness and it just didn't seem to work out that way so as of friday i don't live here any more as i am relocating back to Inverness. Mainly to save up some money but also because staying in Glasgow is reminding me that i'm not doing what i want to do. Not doing what makes me happy. So... once i get back to INverness, after sorting out all the SHITE i have accumulated living in Glasgow i can go back with a clear head and have a new start.

So maybe as of Friday 11th of February 2011 can be my new New Years and I can start my resolutions properly.

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